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Calgary Venetian Plaster Experts

Calgary Venetian Plaster Experts

Consider Venetian Plaster for Superior Walls in Calgary!

 Give the walls in your quality home a classic European feel with Venetian plasters made with authentic materials that are beautiful, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting.

Venetian plaster walls are thicker and more durable than other walls. They receive paint more uniformly, and their additional strength makes it easier to strip wallpaper without damaging the wall.

Venetian Plaster also has a short-term resistance to water. Due to structural superiority, Venetian plaster creates a flatter, smoother surface.

The Art of Creating Beautiful Walls with Venetian Plasters

Venetian Plaster is created with techniques dating back to 900 BC. It’s made from limestone rocks heated with water and turned into a “lime putty”.

This mixture is then combined with different natural colorants such as ground marble dust. Other techniques and organic pigments are used to create various designs and textures.

The addition of these textured layers and colors gives Venetian plaster an elegant and rich look fit for royalty.

If you want to turn the walls of your residential or commercial building into something mesmerizing and fascinating, then add a touch of Venetian plaster.


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How We Got Started

Calgary Venetian Plaster Experts are Calgary’s No.1 Venetian plastering experts. With over 11 years of experience in Venetian plaster installation, decoration, and repair.

Calgary Venetian Plaster Experts are providing Calgary, AB, with world-class Venetian plastering services since 2010.

We are a Venetian plaster company with advanced tools and techniques and a capable team of experts. We pride ourselves on being the experts of Venetian plastering services.

You can get our top-notch services for Venetian plastering in Calgary, AB, at a very affordable price.


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Residential and Commercial

Venetian plaster (also known as marble plaster, Italian plaster, or polished plaster) originates from Venice’s Italian city, where it has been used for centuries. Today it’s mainly used to complement the interior design of a building.

It can be used for traditional yet contemporary designs or even in listed buildings for restoration and is famous for its striking luxurious look and almost limitless combinations of finishes & colors.

Calgary Venetian Plaster Experts is one of the leading experts in providing decorative Venetian plaster wall finishes.

We offer our services to residential and commercial clients, leaving you with a stunning, superior decorative wall finish reminiscent of Venetian plaster’s Italian roots.

We also specialize in applying lightweight, externally insulated render coverings for properties as well as all aspects of building and refurbishment.

Calgary Venetian Plaster Experts have been providing quality service for over 11 years. We offer all types of plastering installation for residential, new construction, and commercial projects.

We are specialists in Venetian plaster services with highly qualified, experienced applicators. Over the years, we have built up our reputation with our satisfied clients through our professionalism and attention to detail.


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